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Welcome to PEMS Australia and New Zealand
Welcome to the website of the Paediatric Emergency Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand. Our society is dedicated to the promotion of the medical specialty of Paediatric Emergency Medicine in our two countries by supporting both those individuals who work in this specialised field and those organisations which train practitioners, provide education for more generalised health practitioners, maintain professional standards and promote research in PEM. A list of such organisations can be found in the "Links" section of the menu. 
Through this website, our Newsletters and support of meetings at associated conferences, we provide a forum for PEM practitioners and members of PEM related organisations to meet, communicate and interact.
Navigating the website 
  • The About Us page has the following sections.
    • The About PEM page provides information about Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine and the relatively recently developed (and still developing) subspecialty of Paediatric Emergency Medicine.
    • The About the Society page outlines the history of PEMS Australia and New Zealand, our aims, structure, activites and membership.
  • The Careers in PEM page outlines the training process for medical specialisation in PEM in our countries and some other parts of the world.
  • The Children's Hospitals & Other Institutions section provides a description of each Tertiary Paediatric Hospital in our countries and contact details for each Hospital. It also contains information about other institutions which provide a substantive paediatric emergency service outside of the specialist paediatric hospitals.
  • Contact Us, Downloads and Links provide exactly what they say.
    • The Members pages have links to our BlogNewsletter and Photo Album. on that page.
      • The PEMS Blog has musings on PEM related topics. See information about contributing below.
      • The Newsletter is produced quarterly and is sent out to all members of PEMS Australia and New Zealand.
      • Our Photo Album shows our members at various professional and social gatherings. It also has some interesting pictures related to our profession, some serious, some more for humour. None are at all intended to offend, so if there are any issues with the material represented, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Enjoy the site!
    Your Webmasters,
    Nicholas Cheng and Simon Chu
    To Current PEMS Members: Our New Website 
    After a hiatus, we are back online with the bigger, brighter, new Paediatric Emergency Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand Website. We have just started moving into our new home, so there is still some building going on, another coat of paint to apply and more furniture to move in. However, we would welcome any ideas about the site; suggestions and ideas will all be gratefully accepted.
    We are also looking for members of the PEM community who would be willing to regularly help with either website maintenance or contributing to the site with articles, photos or other offerings. If you are interested, please email us via the "Contact Us" link in the menu to the left.
    We are aiming to use this new site to increase communication and interaction amongst our members. So stay tuned for more from the site and more from the PEMS community in general.
    New features in the PEMS Website
  • The PEMS Newsletter will be available on the site as well as sent to each registered member. Simon Chu and I will have a few late nights entering your details into the email database, so please be patient while this is done. Newer members will be able to sign up to receive the newletter by contacting Simon.

  • The Musings from PEM Blog will provide random thoughts, interesting tidbits and occasionally some useful information from members. If you are interested in occasional or preferably regular contributions to the blog then please contact us.
  • The Photo Album will contain pictures of our meetingws and social events, as well as other interesting photos. Please send any photos you want to us for uploading, but remember to respect the normal ethical and copyright considerations of any material depicted. This should not stop you from sending us any embarrassing photos taken at 1:00 am after an APLS instructor dinner, for example. Humourous cartoons and other material will be considered in the same light.